Warwick, RI

Did you ever wonder what the restaurant, grocery store, department store or bank that you shop or patronize while in Warwick, RI used to be (at least going back to the late 50's)?  Maybe not, but if you have, here are some of them listed by street name and street number (the list will be continuously expanded and updated).  To search for a particular business or street, hit the " Ctrl " key (lower left area of your keyboard) AND the letter " F " key at the same time.   Credit for much of the information goes to the Warwick Public Library and the archives of the Providence Journal and Warwick Beacon. To view a similar page on nearby Cranston RI, click on the following link: What It Used To Be In Cranston, RI     To view photos taken about 30-35 years ago of gas stations and other business establishments throughout Rhode Island, click on:  Gas stations and more from the mid 80's to early 90's.     Cover Photo: Warwick signs of the past. Note: The n